2.5-3.8Ton New Li-ion Electric Forklift


Independently crafted by Manforce, leveraging extensive expertise in both electric and internal combustion forklifts. Featuring an innovative energy vehicle voltage platform and pioneering structural design, this series redefines conventional norms. Its goal is to surpass internal combustion forklifts, ensuring heightened efficiency, power, and reliability. Experience an Evolution in Efficiency with Our Li-ion Forklifts!

Lithium-ion Electric Forklift

Design Concept

Out Door and In Door Application

● Employs IC forklift’s power.
● Compact electric forklift size with a tight turning radius.

Simple, Solid, Durable

● Simple operation and easy maintenance.
● Enhanced durability with die-cast iron side panels and injection-molded instrument cover.
● High quality EIC system.
● Quality mature components ensure durable performance

Premium Exterior Design

● Modern design for an appealing appearance.
● LED lights, USB port, Waterproof connectors.

Energy Efficiency

● Utilizes permanent magnet system, saving 15% energy compared to AC systems.
● "Lunch-time" fast charging with optional power charger.

Ergonomic Design for Comfor

● Provides a raised steering wheel and operating handle.
● Optimal visibility of 3-stage mast.
● Modern suspended brakes.

High Cost-effectiveness

● Implements strict cost control of high-quality EIC system.
● Best battery cost-effective range 76.8V/175-460Ah, covering 90% forklift working conditions.

The overhead guard is designed for easy lifting of the li-ion battery

Ergonomic design on raised steering wheel and operating handle

Wide-View mast with patented design, Offering the driver optimal visibility

Side plates and battery cover are made from die-cast iron, creating a strong and solid body

Injection molding for the instrument panel cover provides a superior texture

The compact counterweight and small wheel design enable a smaller turning radius in confined workspace

The counterweight eliminates air vents , enhances the solidity and safety

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Offers over 15% more energy efficiency compared to AC motors

PremiumLi-ion Battery. Boasts high-quality Li-ion batteries backed by a 5-year/10,000-hour warranty

The large battery compartment design allows for a wider range of battery options