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Company Profile

Mainforce is a distinguished forklift manufacturer specializing in Nichi and conventional forklifts, prioritizing rough terrain forklifts, multi-directional side loaders, ICE forklifts, and Li-ION forklifts. With over 25 years in the material handling equipment industry, Mainforce excels in engineering design, marketing, after-service, OEM solutions, and industry resource integration. The company consistently delivers innovative solutions tailored to diverse industrial needs.

Manforce’s diverse product range includes:

IC Rough Terrain Forklifts: 1.8-3.5 tons, 2WD/4WD

Li-ION Electric Rough Terrain Forklifts: 1.8-2.5 tons

Multi-directional Side Loaders: 3.5-5 tons

Telehandler Forklifts: 1.5-3.0 tons, 2WD & 4WD

ICE Forklifts (Diesel & LPG): 1-12 tons

Li-ION Electric Forklifts: 2-3.5 tons


Manforce's Aspiration

  • Premier NICHI product manufacturer

  • High Performance Product

  • Comprehensive logistics solutions

  • Efficient service