1.6Ton 3-Wheel Li-ion Electric Forklift


A 1.6-ton capacity, 400mm load center, three-wheel Li-ION electric forklift becomes an invaluable asset for your logistics operations. This forklift, with its robust performance and adaptable design, showcases exceptional handling capabilities across various scenarios.

Li-ion Electirc Forklift

Design Concept

More affordable cost for customer

Emphasizing cost-effectiveness, offering a high value proposition for routine handling of medium-sized goods.

1.6-ton Load Capacity

Moderately capable of handling most medium-sized cargo, enhancing handling flexibility.

Three-wheel Design

Equipped with a three-point supporting, ensuring excellent maneuverability, especially in narrow spaces.
Double Rear Wheels for Enhanced Reliability

Double Rear Wheels for Enhanced Reliability

Utilizes double rear wheels for increased reliability and stability, reducing the risk of malfunction during operations.

Multi-scenario applications

Multi-scenario applications

Suitable for handling medium-sized cargo, optimizing warehousing and sorting processes.Applicable in supermarkets, malls, etc., for stacking and unloading goods.

The 48V Li-ION Battery offers advantages

The 48V Li-ION Battery offers advantages

Comes with a substantial 5-year warranty, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for an extended period. Fast charging capability, reducing downtime. Requires no maintenance, contributing to cost savings and convenience.